PosiRx | 3000-Series

Designed for facilities dispensing up to three hundred patient-specific doses per day, the PosiRx 3000-Series enables higher patient throughput and reduced operational costs.

PosiRx | 3000-Series

The 3000-Series of systems are the first to automate and encompass the complete compounding process, from generator elution to dose distribution, of multiple diagnostic SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) agents.  Designed for facilities dispensing as many as three hundred patient-specific doses per day, the PosiRx 3000-Series benefits providers and patients by enabling unit dose radiopharmaceuticals to be prepared more cost effectively and accurately than previously possible.

The PosiRx 3000-Series offers complete control over dosing schedules and patient specific drug preparation; resulting in revenue enhancement from increased patient throughput and reduced operational costs.

In a self-contained environment engineered to be ISO Class 5 and USP 797 compliant, the PosiRx 3000-Series benefits staff by providing immediate and round the clock access to the radiopharmaceuticals.  By automating the processes related to compounding and enhanced shielding placement, technologists are exposed to little or no radiation during dose preparation.

Key Capabilities

// Provides ISO Class 5, USP 797, ALARA compliance
// Elutes, compounds, a dispenses using standard consumables
// Automates heating, dose assay, and moly breakthrough quality control procedures
// Integrates with nuclear medicine information system data
// Allows multiple SPECT drug workflows

Key Features

// Security: locking cabinet and personal pin codes
// Oversight: electronic batch records, internal cameras
   and vision system
// Networking: allows secure remote user and service
// Confirmation: integrated Biodex/Atomlab dose
// Standardization: accommodates multiple Covidien
   DTE generators, standard vials and syringes
// Throughput: manages up to 2 generators with
   a single automated drawing station

Generators & Compounding Kits

Positron is able to offer a number of products related to use of the PosiRx system, including Covidien’s Ultra-Technekow™ dry-top eluting (DTE) generators and related SPECT radiopharmaceutical products.  This represents a
complete solution to customers desiring efficient radiopharmaceutical supply.

For more information about PosiRx contact us at posirx@positron.com


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