PosiRx | 4000-Series

Engineered for high volume radiopharmacies, the PosiRx 4000-Series offers unparalled dose preparation control.

PosiRx | 4000-Series

The PosiRx 4000-Series is a line of automation systems designed for radiopharmacies dispensing more than three hundred patient specific doses per day. Through a series of enhanced automation stations and added inventory capacity, the PosiRx 4000-Series enables the radiopharmacy to prepare up to 120 patient specific doses per hour.

Key Capabilities

// Provides ISO Class 5, USP 797, ALARA compliance
// Elutes, compounds, a dispenses using standard consumables
// Automates heating, dose assay, and moly breakthrough quality control procedures
// Integrates with nuclear medicine information system data
// Allows multiple SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) drug workflows

Key Features

// Security: locking cabinet and personal pin codes
// Oversight: electronic batch records, internal cameras and vision system
// Networking: allows secure remote user and service login
// Confirmation: multiple Integrated Biodex/Atomlab 4000 dose calibrator
// Standardization: accommodates multiple Covidien DTE generators, standard vials and syringes
// Throughput: manages up to 4 generators with multiple drawing stations

Generators & Compounding Kits

Positron is able to offer a number of products related to use of the PosiRx system, including Covidien’s Ultra-Technekow™ dry-top eluting (DTE) generators and related SPECT radiopharmaceutical products.  This represents a simple complete solution to customers desiring efficient radiopharmaceutical solutions for their cardiac SPECT pharmacy needs.


For more information about PosiRx contact us at posirx@positron.com

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