DoseLink is robust and intuitive interface that empowers the user to control the equipment, plan daily production, store and retrieve data from a variety of interfaces.

Whether using the tablet computer provided with the PosiRx, a standalone desktop or a smartphone, DoseLink provides a consistent platform for seamless access, ease of use and optimal security.  Functions such as equipment control, daily production planning, storage and data retrieval can be done from a variety of interfaces.  In fact, the operator may interact with Positron experts for assistance with any task in real time across multiple platforms.

The App:

DoseLink software can be utilized as an independent “app” on virtually any platform including Apple iOS and Windows.  The DoseLink App provides a basic calculator for estimating the generator elutions, kit builds and supplies required to meet daily dose schedules.

The Cloud:

With access to the Internet, DoseLink can be used to view most system information.  This provides the user with secure access to virtually all functions of the PosiRx via a web based interface.  This allows the user to:

// Manage and administer data to support clinicians in their daily patient care activities
// Eliminate unnecessary waiting periods by utilizing real-time information
// Facilitate the interaction between various care team professionals though integrated communication tools.  
   These tools can be used to send and receive messages with other PosiRx users and the PosiRx service team.
// Improve product utilization and decrease costs by actively monitoring and analyzing all dosing activities.

The Interface:

At the PosiRx interface, the complete DoseLink System can manage and administer all aspects of the system including operation, maintenance and data. Advantages include:

// Guaranteed traceability for all tasks performed, documents managed, drugs and materials used
// Supports integration with other clinical data management tools
// Management control and process documentation for Hot Lab functions
// Easy organization of resources for educational and scientific activities

Additionally, DoseLink is an open system capable of retrieving and displaying information from other IT systems.  By eliminating redundant data management and increasing the amount of available knowledge-based information, DoseLink provides the tools to offer the best possible care.

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