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PosiRx Empowers Pharmaceutical Preparation & Delivery

Today’s molecular imaging community faces challenges with radiopharmaceutical preparation; challenges that include uncertainties with dose delivery and accuracy, inefficient manual preparation, and maintaining compliance with USP requirements. Many aspects of pharmacy, drug, and chemical preparation have been automated in other areas of the industry; however, PosiRx is the first device of its kind to offer a complete and comprehensive automated solution in Nuclear Medicine.

The PosiRx system, developed by Positon Corporation, has simplified the steps involved in dose preparation and delivery by automating many of the compounding processes including generator elution, kit compounding, unit dose preparation and generator quality control. This automation allows PosiRx to minimize the possibility of an operator introducing contaminants into the compliant environment and ensures consistency in each step of the dose delivery process. PosiRx is a self-contained system that provides immediate availability of a radiopharmaceutical supply around the clock. This automation and availability increases productivity and reduces operational costs.

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