Frequently Asked Questions about the PosiRx system.



How is product labeled and identified in the PosiRx?

The system has a camera capable of reading bar codes.  The PosiRx uses a system of QR code labels placed on the end of syringes for unique identification.  Additional labeling can be accommodated based on an individual customer’s needs and workflow.


Is it possible to compound non-technetium drugs in the PosiRx?

Yes, the system can handle most SPECT radiopharmaceuticals.  Certain drugs may require customization of the equipment for facilities with specific needs.


Since there are no windows on the PosiRx, how do I monitor activity inside the cabinet?

There are four cameras linked to an external monitor, which is attached to the system.  This allows the user to observe action inside the unit during operation.


How many doses can I deliver in an hour with the PosiRx?

This depends on a few factors; the type of drug being drawn, whether new kits and/or elutions are needed during the run.  Depending on which model you have, PosiRx is capable of dispensing 30 to 100 unit doses/hour.


What happens if power is lost while the PosiRx is running?

Each system is installed with a full UPS that will allow the PosiRx to complete cycles that are in progress and save data before any product or information is lost.


If the PosiRx is down, will I still be able to dispense doses?

Positron service representatives have the ability to solve most issues remotely; via phone or through direct access via the Internet.  In the rare instance further assistance is required, the doors on the system can be opened to provide immediate access to generators, the dose calibrator and supplies.  This allows doses to be drawn manually until a service representative arrives.  A glove box cover can be provided to ensure USP 797 compliance is maintained for compounding and drawing the dose.


Do I need to have clean room to deliver doses?

No, the PosiRx system will create a Class-5 isolated environment in most settings.


Who can dispense doses out of the PosiRx?

Generally, a pharmacist or a CNMT will approve the dose for delivery to the patient.  This is achieved through an individual pin code that allows only authorized personnel to release products from the cabinet.


How does the the PosiRx enable USP 797 compliance?

The PosiRx system can be validated to meet requirements for air quality and sterility, it is important that each site establish procedures and protocols to ensure compliance.


What drugs can the PosiRx compound?

Most Technetium based drugs that require 1 or 2 products to be mixed in a standard vial can be used. This includes Setamibi, MDP, HDP, DTPA, and Tetrofosmin.  Currently, it cannot compound sulfur colloid compounds.  Additionally, the PosiRx can also draw other SPECT agents such as Tl-201 and Ga-67.


What is the largest generator that can be placed in the PosiRx?

The equipment will maintain a 2mR/hr static level of activity at the surface of the machine with any activity of generator currently produced.